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All-over-IP 2017: Which Verticals Would You Like to Target Most in Russia?

Don-t Simply Market to Russian Customers, Educate Them Instead at All-over-IP 2017!

All-over-IP Report: 21 Web-based Access Control Benefits Impacting Russian Customers Purchasing Decisions

All-over-IP 2017 Calls for Outstanding Speakers!

Nedap’s MOOV wins Detektor International Award

Nedap Business Development Manager Ido Wentink Presents on Security Meeting Convenience at All-over-IP Expo 2016

Baudouin Genouville (Suprema) to Discuss Things to Learn Before Installing a Fingerprint Access Control Reader at All-over-IP Expo 2016

Synology BDM Niklas Poll to Discuss How Customer Expectations Challenge the IP Industry at All-over-IP Expo 2016

Industrial Cameras for Efficient Production in Industry 4.0

Smart Warehouse Logistics in the Age of Industry 4.0 – An Intelligent Reach Truck with Basler ToF Cameras Makes It Possible

Exhibit in 2017         

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All-over-IP Expo offers vendors and suppliers an integrated approach to product and services promotion as well as intercourse with customers.

The combination various networking activities (expo, seminars, arranged meetings, club events, keynote-speeches) with leading Russian vendors, resellers, system integrators and carefully pre-qualified customers allows global vendors to gain a higher ROI than at any other professional event in Russia.

Keynote speaking opportunities is free of charge and unique for global vendors. Participation with a keynote-speech makes a simple visit to All-over-IP Expo twice more efficient.

2017 Prices

9 sq.m. standard booth 2700 Euro
12 sq.m. standard booth 3608 Euro
15 sq.m. standard booth 4500 Euro
16 sq.m. standard booth 4820 Euro
9 sq.m. advanced design booth 4245 Euro
12 sq.m. advanced design booth 5645 Euro
18 sq.m. advanced design booth 8000 Euro
NEW! Raw space per 1 sq.m.
(4 m height maximum)
280 Euro
NEW! Raw space per 1 sq.m.
(special positions - without height restrictions)
200 Euro
Conference Partner 5000 Euro
45 min. time-slot within any Conference (22-24.11.2017) 2500 Euro
45 min. time-slot (22.11.2017) 2500 Euro 
45 min. time-slot (23.11.2017) 2000 Euro
45 min. time-slot (24.11.2017) 1500 Euro
Partner's day (24.11.2017 - 3 hours) 3500 Euro

A non-refundable, 450 Euro Registration Fee is required with each Booth/ Seminar reservation. This Fee covers expenses associated with personal web page creation for Participant and its support (in Russian language), pre- and post-event PR support, Leads Generation Service and listing in the official show guide. Price includes only standard package of booth and seminar hall. Additional equipment can be ordered according to price list of technical manual.

For more information, please, contact Alla Aldushina at

Sponsorship Opportunities

All-over-IP Expo sponsorship packages include pre-show, onsite and post-show branding, lead generation and thought leadership opportunities - creating a platform to allow you to raise your profile and better deliver vision, values and strategy to your target market.

We offer a wide variety of standard sponsorship packages designed to meet each of these objectives. These range from General sponsorship to hospitality-based packages and exhibition stands. Our consultative approach also allows for more specific tailor made packages to be designed to meet your precise needs and budget.

If you would like to discuss increasing your presence at All-over-IP Expo, please, contact Alla Aldushina at

All-over-IP Award

Each exhibitor, seminar organiser and keynote-speaker is honoured with All-over-IP Award. Each participant gets an All-over-IP Diploma for their unique expertise, technology, solution, business model, environmental or social benefits, etc.

All-over-IP Award is designed to encourage the participants to bring more new products, services, expertise and ideas to the show. All-over-IP Diploma is an ultimate marketing tool for global vendors for their better awareness among Russian customers.

Nomination is to be coordinated with each participant individually. Awardees are announced at an exclusive ceremony and evening fourchette. Participation in All-over-IP Award is free of charge. As a result you get a Diploma. To get a valuable prize as a result of All-over-IP Award (AoIP Statuette), please, contact Alla Aldushina at


Ian Crosby
Bosch Security Systems

All-over-IP Expo is very different from the shows I usually go to. The scale is smaller and I like that because it gives an opportunity to go talk to people on one-to-one basis. The quality of the conversation is a lot higher, I often needed support of my CTO during the course of the show. There are a lot of high quality speakers on the agenda. And thank god, you don't just have booth after booth of cameras which has really have become a trend so there is no longer any need to go to a show, you may as well use the website. All-over-IP Expo creates more of a conversation, and I appreciate that.

Jim McHale

What I've seen here is very interesting as All-over-IP offers a mix of security manufacturers and IT companies I was not expecting to be at the how. I arrived to get a feel for what's happening on the local market. There are companies here I've heard about but I haven't really seen. It's sort of interesting to discover their interpretation of what's happening in Russia. If you dont understand, you come here and find out.

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